Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome Dinner!

Logos had a welcome dinner for all of the new teachers. We gathered together up in the Logos cafeteria for some yummy Indian food and enjoyed good company.

Picture above: The Cambodian gentleman on the right is Lee who is one of those super helpers in whatever area he contributes! He is going to be overseeing parts of the construction of the new school and keeps the library running smoothly. On the left side of him is Linda, the Kindergarten teaching assistant.

Picture below: I love this lady. We call her "Mama"--she is from Pakistan and is the mother of Sophie's Pre-K four teacher. She was here all last year helping in the classroom and will be heading back to Pakistan soon. She's a great cook and feels like a mother even though she looks a lot different from my real mom!

Below is Greg, friend of Darryl's and Logos' History and English teacher. Next to him is my friend Srey who is the 1st grade teaching assistant. She helps me with many of my Cambodian culture and language questions!

Karen, from Australia, kindly held Evie for me while I gulped down some naan and chicken masala. Yum. Except for I ate so fast I didn't really taste it...such is the life of being a mom :).

Evie is getting lighter hair and chubbier cheeks. She's getting so much better...what a sweetie.

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