Thursday, February 07, 2008

Visitors from China!

Tom and Hannah visited us from China. We are wishing we could go back with them to the snow!Naomi and Sophie were thrilled to be on the tuk-tuk. They played constantly together and became like sisters...of course sisters fight too, you know how that goes! So one minute they were happily smiling and the next having a heated debate about how to pronounce tuk-tuk. Naomi insisted is was "tuck-tuck" and Sophie was insisting on "took-took". The next second they were best friends again :).

Darryl and Tom were near the mountains where Tom tried to get some bird-watching in. Darryl was asked by this guy to take him to the top of the mountain...he really couldn't say no!

Tom and Hannah are taking a ride on the one elephant in the city. At 4 oclock every day it goes to the river for a bath.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice pictures, Darryl and Kara. I am Tom's sister and we really enjoyed seeing the pictures of them on your blog. Nice to have visitors! Thanks for keeping us informed of what you do in Cambodia.
Tim and Amy
Ashlyn, Kimberly, Jason and Aaron