Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Cambodia

It was quite an eventful night! All of the staff from Logos came to our home for a Christmas gathering. Sophie and I had gone to Bangkok so I could get an ultrasound and check-up. Our plane arrived late and we were home 15 minutes before everybody started coming! Thankfully lots of friends had shown up early to help so nobody even knew.

Here's some of the guards enjoying fried bananas. They asked Darryl if they could bring their spouses...he said "of course", then they wanted to know if they could bring their parents! There were 50 people in our house so it's a good thing all of the extended family members didn't arrive!

This is Greg, a high school teacher at Logos, and a good friend of Darryl's. Tepy is sitting next to him (she is Socheata's older sister for those of you who remember) and is Elina's assistant in the office this year.

Everybody participated in a gift exchange, here Darryl's giving some of the staff a hard time.

This guard's name is Mop. Actually, that's just what everybody calls him but it's not his given name. In Khmer it means fat! Strangely enough it's not offensive to be called Mop in Cambodia. If you see a male Cambodian who is slightly overweight there's a good chance their name is Mop. He was so excited because he picked a gift and it turned out to be this handy little tool. He quickly pocketed it and left shortly after because he was afraid somebody would make him trade!

On Christmas Eve we were privileged to have some Christmas carolers pay us a visit. Some of the teachers and kids from Asian Hope came over.

We enjoyed a Christmas lunch, Pakistani style!

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