Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Faces of Logos

Logos is blessed with some great Khmer staff. On the right is Robert who keeps things running smoothly at the school...he is the facility manager. The guard on the left has a baby the same age as Noah. The guards drive the school vans, guard the school, keep watch over bikes, motos, and cars, and fix whatever needs fixing. Robert takes his job very seriously and keeps them all on a schedule. He also makes signs all over with funny things like "Dear staff and students, please treat the soap dispenser with caution." Another one reads, "Dear students and staff, please treat it (the soap dispenser) gently and kindly." It gives us a good laugh.

We discovered this guard was nearly blind after we had him take the school eye exam. Did I mention he was a driver for the kids?! Logos outfitted him with these stylish glasses straightaway. It's a whole new view for him!
This is the head cook preparing the lunch for Logos students and staff. The meals range from delicious to VERY sketchy. Ask Al.
This is the male chef. Tomatoes today...usually it's carrots and cucumbers.

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