Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just a step away

One hot afternoon we decided to go for a drive. The main perk was that the car has air-con! These are pictures of scenery just 5-10 minutes away from our house. It really is beautiful. The countryside is like a breath of fresh air after being inundated with motos, people, trash, and walls everywhere within the city. It sure would be nice to live out here!

This shot reminded me of a road back in the US. It felt familiar to me.
And this...well it's a bit different than home...
Sophie takes any excuse to hop out of the car, so if we stop for any photo op she's up and out!
Of course the Tweety Bird backpack accompanies us anytime we leave the house. It's stuffed with random objects like play animals, an extra pair of underwear, books, hair ties, and whatever else she can stuff in at a moment's notice.

I love this shot. The red dirt, brightly colored houses on stilts, palm trees....ahhh. Gorgeous.

The road was extremely bumpy and my brain felt rather jostled by the end of the trip. We also had to watch out in narrow parts of the road for ox carts, motos, cows (which walked towards the car!?).

I love Cambodia.

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