Saturday, March 17, 2007

steamy cambodia

Sending a big thank you for all of your support the past couple months! We received an update today from our organization letting us know who has supported us the past months and we are again amazed that you continue to care for us and remember us....thank you so much! We haven't written an update in quite some time (so sorry!) but we are working on one now. Sometimes you just don't know where to start. If you aren't on our email list and would like to be please let us know by email at and we'll add you. It has been a whirlwind of a year, especially the last couple of months. Bud and Al have had visitors lately too so we were able to enjoy them as well. Thanks Yvonne for the baby clothes...they are great for this weather, cute, and they fit now (and hopefully for the next couple months). I love the little hats too! I'll post a pic below of the little blue hat, Sophie insists Noah needs to wear it.

It was great to have Ashley and Mrs. Swann here. I do believe they found every purse shop in Cambodia. Sophie loved spending time with them too...too bad they couldn't stay longer! Here's a beaut picture of them with Indendence Monument (a gift from the French) in the background.

Here's the little guy on the front porch proudly wearing his new hat.
Here's our dear friends and neighbors Bud and the way if anybody wants to drop them an email trying to convince them to stay another year that would be great... It's been great having them here this year and I think we are going to be a little lost next year.

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