Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sophie Days

Soph is loving her paints! We have artwork all over our house.

Here she is giggling again...hmmm...
Al is keeping her in line and steering her by her "reigns". Oh yes, notice the hair headband. Whenever we go anywhere she quickly runs to her room, slaps the headband on in some bizarre fashion and frantically tries to stuff anything and everything in sight into her purse. The other day she was convinced she needed to wear socks (we never wear socks here) and she needed to wear them while wearing flip-flops. I asked her where she learned that from and she promptly replied, "Uncle Nate." Nice going Nate, heh heh. She's definitely got her own sense of style. Hmmm...looks like Noah has new parents :) Don't they just look the part? Al even has the concerned mother look and paci in hand.

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