Monday, February 19, 2007

the three little pigs

Sophie and Naomi picked up there friendship again in about...oh...two seconds. Having a great time here on the tire swing in Kirirom.
Noah is nearly rolling over and has tripled his weight since birth. He's a tall little fellow and is up to 18 pounds now...he'll be four months in two weeks. He loves to play with toys and is nearly rolling over. He brings out the smiles from everybody.
We had Sophie's b-day party in January but in all the busyness we forgot to use the special party hats and animal masks. So we had "friends" party when Naomi came and ate ice-cream cone cupcakes and had some giraffes and butterflies running around.
It was so cold in Kirirom when we went. Apparently one day was the coldest day in Cambodia in 27 years. We wrapped up Noah in the blanket from Aunt Pat that just arrived. He finally got used to his new pacis too mom.

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