Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dirtbiking and Ducks

Barry is a teacher at Logos. Recently his brother-in-law paid a visit so the four Canadians took their bikes out into the countryside to see more of Cambodia. From left to right it's Bud, Darryl, Barry, and Jeff. They had a great time going through rice fields, talking to kids and seeing village life.
This experiene in Cambodia has definitely changed Nate's eating habit. The boy who wouldn't touch rice is gulping down pork noodle soup for breakfast, stir fry for lunch and recently tried a new treat...duck eggs with real ducks inside! A bunch of boys from the school went out for a snack after the Christmas program...out for duck eggs. Nate told me and I warned him that it's not like eating eggs. When Khmer people go out for eggs they mean eating a whole duck inside of an egg. I thought Nate would chicken out, but to my surprise (and disgust!) he came home proudly displaying pictures of disgusting little ducks that he popped into his mouth. I asked him what it tasted like and he said "Oh, just like chicken." He said you eat everything, head, etc. Would anybody else like a snack?
This is a picture from the dirtbike trip. A sweet girl taking it easy in a hammock.

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