Monday, December 18, 2006

December 2005

Darryl, Kara, Sophie and Noah
Christmas 2005

Noah is doing well and giving our family lots of happiness (and a little less sleep too:)). He is 6 weeks old tomorrow and we are enjoying every day. He laughed for the first time yesterday and is full of smiles, especially for Uncle Nate. Sophie remains the proud big sister and whenever we bring Noah to Asian Hope he gets PLENTY of attention from the 30 kids there. We are thankful he's doing so well and can't wait for our family to meet him! The kids at the school can't seem to get his name right and are always calling him Jonah :). Crack me up.

This is Sopheak Sor in a traditional Cambodian dress at the Logos Christmas Program. A few days ago Sopheak witnessed a bad moto accident where the motodope driver was badly injured. Nobody stopped to help him so she stopped and called an ambulance (basically a truck with flashers that transports you to the hospital). The man was still conscious and told her not to take him because he had no money to pay for the bill. Sopheak told him she could help and took him anyways. She told the teachers at school and they took a collection to pay for his medical bills. There was enough money to buy him a helmet too. When he asked her why she would do this for him she had a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with him. Sopheak is the middle school teacher assistant.

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