Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lay Kranong Festival in Bangkok

We took a walk in the evening at a nearby park and Nate snapped this picture of Bangkok at dusk.

As we walked along the park we noticed all sorts of Thai people putting little boats in the water. The boats were made of coconuts, leaves, and beautiful flowers with lit candles standing in the center. They would say some sort of prayer and then send the little boat off into the water. We found out that it is Lay Kranong (sp?) Festival here which is a time for them to send an offering to their ancestors. Here is a man getting his little boat ready.
We noticed lots of the offerings bobbing suspiciously in the water and realized the fish and snapping turtles were attacking the little offerings. Some of the boats had peices of bread on them, creating a feast for the creatures! This turtle took the offering and dumped it over, dousing the candles and eating the bread. There were hundreds of candle-lit boats floating in the river.

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