Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rain in the dry season

It's still dry season here but last night we had a tremendous rainstorm. So bad in fact that we had to cancel school today due to flooding. Several of the classrooms had a foot of water in them which unfortunately caused damage to some books, supplies, and furniture. I had to take off my shoes and wade through the water to get to the library, the water was nearly a foot deep. The roads were flooded out too and many stalled motos and cars sat drowning in the middle of the roads. Here's a picture of some of the flooding...it was actually much higher at its peak.

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Jonathan said...

Kara & Darryl - great to see you back online. Our family enjoys reading your postings and viewing the photos of your lives in Cambodia. I noticed this most recent posting came very close to one year from your very first entry(April 29, 05), which seemed like yesterday. How quickly time passes. God bless.