Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bangkok, Thailand

Here's a few pictures from our break in Thailand. We travelled to Bangkok for a few days and soaked up some familiar comforts from home. We came back to Phnom Penh feeling refreshed and filled with renewed energy. We came back on December 24 and were able to attend the evening Christmas Eve service at church. Pastor Beck focused on the humanity of Christ; what a blessing to have a Saviour who knows from experience the things that try us! Darryl was sick on Christmas day but Sophie and I spent the day at the House of Abraham orphanage. Nancy had prepared a wonderful meal and we spent a good afternoon with the kids. We are spending a few days at the orphanage this week while the director, Nancy, takes a few days for a much-needed vacation. We'll post some more pictures soon. Thanks for your many warm Christmas greeting you've sent!

We went to the zoo in Bangkok. It was a little run down but they had a great variety of animals and they were all up and active. It was Sophie's highlight of the vacation. Darryl gave us the low-down on each animal. He makes a great tour guide!


Fro-man said...

hey. My name is Daryl. If you don't remember me, check me out at my blog at
wow. it looks like you have a very interesting and busy life. It is
Christmas break here but I have to student teach 9th grade in a little over a week. Plus, I have someone you will have to meet sometime, my girlfriend Jennifer. I here Al filled you in a little. They where in town last week and we played hockey for like 3 hours straight, awesome.
call me sometime. or email at

Fro-man said...

If I ever come to visit you I will be sure to bring a strainer for my coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smashleypaz said...

Hello Dedert family,

Happy 2nd birthday to SOPHIE on Friday!

Connors birthday was today, and we were over to see him. He was asking about Soph. He now has another friend to play with, Alex Velting (Jamie Hult's little boy), he is 2 1/2 and Connor enjoys playing trucks with him, however, he still misses Sophie. We all miss her and the both of you...
Hope all is well,

Love- Gloria and Ashley(the typer) Swann