Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving in Cambodia

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Asian Hope (the orphanage). We had a lovely day with the kids and teachers. This is a picture of three friends, from left to right: Stacy Smith (1st grade teacher); Jessica Hawthorne (5th grade teacher); and Becky McClintock (PE teacher).

Beth Andaya (ESL teacher) with some of the girls, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. It was great!


Anonymous said...

merry christmas deterts

love dave swann

Anonymous said...

thats dederts for all of you spelling words correctly nowadays, and have a happy new year


David Van Berkel said...

hello Dederts! i enjoy your blog. btw its -10 with a foot of snow. Just got back from Africa a week and a half ago. Jeremy's excited to come visit soon, and I'm Dave