Friday, November 11, 2005

Making a List

Kosal was getting free rides from Darryl tonight at Asian Hope. Jonathan and HockLee wanted to wash our car (they only charged 25 cents each =) so we had our car washed too while we were there. The girls were spending the night at a staff house so we spent time with the boys. Esther Guild raised money for the kids to buy clothes, deoderant, bed sheets, shoes, etc. They were so excited and grateful. Darryl went around and made a list of everything each boy needed. Most of them just need socks, a pillow, sheets, and a shirt or two--but it adds up when when there is over 30 kids all together. Many thanks to the Esther Guild and to everybody who made goodies for the bake sale. The kids are so grateful for your care for them! Next week we will take small groups to the markets and start getting the supplies they need. Tomorrow we will get the girls together to see what they need.

Next week is Water Festival so there is no school from Tuesday to Friday. Cambodians from the Province come to Phnom Penh to see the boat races that are held on the Mekong River. We will probably be spending lots of time with the kids and maybe plan a day of going to the river with them.

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