Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Teachers at Logos

Angela Judd, Kara, Dan Hein, Kevin Lee (from left to right)
Angela Judd is the Pre-K teacher at Logos. She's never bored with 20 3-year-olds running around her small classroom! Dan Hein teaches history and Kevin teaches all the science courses for the high school.
Today I handed out overdue notices to the students for library books. It sent them into a state of panic! Since they have never had a librarian they were very worried about the consequences of getting an overdue notice. They kept coming up to me very worried "Mrs. Dedert, it's in my desk", "Mrs. Dedert, I will bring it tomorrow", "Mrs. Dedert, am I in trouble?" and then they scrambled off to find their books. I had to try not to laugh. In the States most students just shove the notices in their desk but this practically created a state of emergency. Needless to say, all the overdue books are back on the shelf.

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