Wednesday, August 03, 2005

35 hours later...

After a 35 hour trip we finally made it to Cambodia. As we flew over Cambodia we were suprised at how unpopulated the region is. We landed on the one airstrip and all the airport personnel began to busily run about (I think only 1 or 2 planes a day go in and out of the airport). The people are warm and genuinely friendly here. They live in pretty dismal circumstances--filth, garbage, and poverty are everywhere. We are all doing well, and thankfully everyone is healthy at the moment. We've had a whirlwind of activity since we touched ground--setting up our home, figuring out how to disinfect our food, and getting acquainted at the school and children's home (to list a few). We still do not have internet access where we are located so blog posts will be infrequent until we get internet connection at home. Apparently the company who sets it up ran out of equipment. It's a bit like living in the twilight zone here! There's not even a McDonald's anywhere in Cambodia--not that we wanted it but we thought they were everywhere.
Darryl is busy formulating the high school Bible curriculum with the administrator and a few other advisors. It looks like he will have classes including NT and OT survey, Systematic Theology, Apologetics and a few others. He is also preparing for a World Issues class. Well, I think I have to stop here because my time is up but blog posting will be frequent as soon as we get a connection. Thanks for your support and prayer. We are grateful to God for each one of you!

Much love,

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